Updated Price of Bearing
Update : 2021 03 13
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Updated Price of  Bearing


Dear Clients


So sorry to inform you that the bearing price has to be updated since new reorder. 


Under the special situation the cost has been changed too much.


1.Raw material cost increase:


Such as MDF board increased around 15%,metal increased at least 20%,packing material increased around 50%,and the foam increased around 70% etc.

After the CNY holiday we have received price increasing notices from many kinds of raw material suppliers as the raw material prices continue to rise.


2.Labor cost increase:

most of the Chinese workers went back to their home town under the special situation to cause the labour cost increase at least 20% since last year.



3.exchange rate change:


the RMB exchange rate to Dollar has changed from 7.1 to 6.4 during last months.It has changed more than 8% to cause the company profit directly lost much.

The report from Reuters has also confirmed the Chinse market's situation :





We have made every effort to control and absorb the increases over the last several months. 


Under the situation of cost changed so much,it will be very difficult for us to keep the same price as before.


Hope to get your kindly understanding and support.


Best  regards


Jinan Baisite Bearing Co.,Limited




Jinan Baisite Bearing Co., Limited


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