Linear Guide Rail Linear Slide Block Bearings
Update : 2023-10-16
Category : Other Bearing

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  •  BSSD Linear Guide Rail Linear Slide Block Bearings

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    Linear guides and rails provide a smooth, precision, guiding surface on which the rolling element of a linear bearing rides. They are an integral part of linear bearings, typically ordered separately from the rolling element component. They must exhibit this in terms of speed, temperature stability, accuracy and noise levels. Our linear guide available in several sizes to accommodate loads of all types, from light to heavy, and offer suitable for use in numerous applications, such as machine design requiring incorporation of linear guide products into the machine structure. We produce a complete range of linear guide designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements.

    BSSD Bearing supply all kinds of linear guide block for you.

    High AssemblySquare Type Slide Block
    Flange Type Slide Block



    LowSquare Type Slide Block
    Flange Type Slide Block
    AssemblyEGH-CA(Standard)EGH-SA(Two Hole)EGW-CC(Standard)EGW-SA(Two hole)
    Application Medical equipment, automation equipment, 3D printers, sewing equipment , Grinding machine, milling machines, lathes, drilling machine, and comprehensive processing machines, discharge manufacturing , machine, boring machine, line cutting machine, precise measurement instrument, woodworking machinery, handling machine, and the shipping device. Welcome to send your inquiry of high quality BSSD Bearing Linear Guide Rail Linear Slide Block Bearings

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