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Jinan Baisite Bearing Co.,Limited covers a complete bearing production and quality control system.

We can provide solutions according to the detailed bearing parameters and drawings provided by our customers. We carry out the processing and production of bearings, send samples, so that customers test until satisfied. We will be in strict accordance with the quality of samples for mass production, delivery orders In the specified time.

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In the country vigorously advocate environmental protection conditions, we introduce advanced environmental protection purification equipment, to ensure that “0 pollution”, “0 emissions”. The molten iron produced by the bearing is filtered out and discharged without damaging the environment. Scrap iron is recycled to produce other available products. These measures make our company truly sustainable, will not be shtdown because of environmental problems.

In the choice of mode of transport, we will choose the best and most suitable route according to the weight. If the customer has special requirements, we will ship according to the customer's instructions.

1.Courier : Less than 45KGS,we will send by express -DHL.  

                   (Door to Door, Convenient)

2.Air Freight : Between 45-150KGS,we will send by air transport.   

                         (Fastest and safest,but expensive)

3.Sea Freight : More than 150KGS,we will send by sea.   

                          (Cheapest but long time)


4.According to the requirement of the customer.

When the customer receives the bearings, if there is any questions, our sales staff will immediately feedback. Company for the size of the problem, arrange technical personnel or Sales Manager to explain, discuss with the customer, solve problems quickly to achieve customer satisfaction.

Service is the most important part of our company.It’s our responsibilities.

Strict production process, standard quality control, quality service system -- let us treat each customer attentively.

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