Automotive whole set of Front Wheel Hub Bearing 43570-60010
Update : 2019-08-27

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  • Wheel bearings play a critical role in keeping vehicles safe and smooth. Wheel bearings are typically located at the spindle of the wheel hub to allow free wheel movement. They are designed to support the weight of the vehicle and allow it to roll with minimal force while withstanding the loads from high speed cornering and hard acceleration and braking. Wheel bearings must withstand outrageous temperatures and conditions

    Bearing MaterialChrome Steel Bearing
    Bearing Model43570-60010
    Dimension54x96x51 mm
    Weight2.2 kg
    StructureWheel hub bearing

    Double row ball wheel hub bearings belong to the first generation auto hub bearings , composed of an outer ring, two inner rings, two sets of balls , two nylon cages and high-performance seals . at present, this kind of bearings are still used widely in all kinds of vehicles.

    Method of extending auto wheel bearing using life:

    1. The installation is correct, that affects precision, life, performance. And fill the bearing with lubricant after installation.
    2. Don't allow strong impact, such as hammer striking, transfer roller pressure.

    3. Use the accurate installation tool, avoid to use cloth kind and short fibers.
    4. Lubricate the bearing to avoid rust with high quality mineral oil, especially in summer.
    5. General inspection, such as the surrounding temperature, vibrate, noise inspection.
    6. Keep bearing cleaning from dirt, dust, pollutant, moisture.
    7. Bearing should not be ultra cooled.

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Preset optimum preload,easy mounting process,high rigidity,easy incorporation of ABS sensor.